Dagger of Tutankhamun, rediscovery or dishonest communication?

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You may have recently heard about this dagger of Tutankhamun that was forged with the iron from a meteorite. This new combining science, pharaohs and alien (only the metal huh!) has all for making buzz and that's what happened with various online newspapers followed the information.

This discovery was apparently made in 2016 by a team of Italian and Egyptian researchers.

Except that's not true. This information was already known for much longer!


If you want a proof, go to page 213 of this book published in 1980 where Z. Iskander said exactly the same thing.

Is this a communication operation in which some journalists were trapped or is it a sincere re-discovery?


It would seem that the subject has actually been debated. That explain why it is presented as a recent discovery.

Thanks to ClementSalviani for this information.


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